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Ragout in single portions?


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We are aware of the challenges restaurateurs face every day: maintaining high quality standards, meeting customer expectations and managing the workflow in the kitchen. That is why we have created the Mon♥Ragù, to simplify your working life and provide you with delicious dishes without compromise.

Individual portions, specially designed for catering.

Each portion is carefully prepared using high-quality ingredients, skilfully combined to create unique and tasty recipes.
We are sure your customers will be thrilled to discover the variety of tastes and flavours our Mon♥Ragù offer.

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Choosing Mon♥Ragù also means having the peace of mind of working with a reliable partner. Our experience in the sector and our attention to detail have made us a reference point for catering professionals looking for innovative, quality solutions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to offer your customers a true culinary experience with our Mon♥Ragù. Our versatile and high-quality range will allow you to create unique dishes that everyone will enjoy.

Join the family of catering professionals who have already chosen Mon♥Ragù as their ideal partner.

You can always find them in the freezer!!!

Convenience is paramount for you and your customers. Mon♥Ragù allow you to save precious time in the kitchen without having to sacrifice quality and authenticity. Simply thaw and reheat the single portions, and in a few minutes you can serve your customers delicious and appetising pasta dishes.

Recharge your freezer😊

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